Advantage of Nevada corporation

Knowing the advantage of Nevada corporation can be a great boon to your fledging business.  A common assumption is that all states have the same rules and requirements surrounding their incorporation laws, when nothing could be farther from the truth.  You can incorporate in any state, and knowing which states are the most advantageous for you to incorporate in can give your business a leg up over competitors.

The first advantage of Nevada corporation is that there is no corporate income tax.  It is one of only four states that share this feature.  You are facing a large amount of corporate income tax in other states, such as New York – a minimum of 9% tax along with other fees.  There are no annual franchise taxes, either.

Another advantage of Nevada corporation is their strict privacy laws, so that you can have complete anonymity and protect your assets.  You also get around quite a bit of paperwork in this fashion.  Other states require you to keep annual reports, minutes, business locations, and assets values on file and reported.  In Nevada, the only thing you need to report are officers and directors.  You need only one officer or director as well – corporations don’t have to be huge businesses.

A few more protections to privacy are included in Nevada corporations – they offer bearer shares, which are certifications of stock shares that are credited to the bearer themselves.  However, bearer shares can contribute to any number of illegal or problematic actions, so they are best to be avoided.  There is also no disclosure to the IRS on your business tax and income, which is a major advantage of Nevada corporation.  However, because this attracts people attempting to tax evade, you are more likely to get audited than in other states.

The advantage of Nevada corporation are clear to see, and choosing to incorporate your business in this state can be a great help for your operation.  You need not ever step foot in Nevada to incorporate there, and the myriad advantages that this location of incorporation gives cannot be ignored.

Incorporation firm

What is an incorporation firm and how can it help your business? The basic premise of an incorporation firm is a company that handles all of your filing and other paperwork needs that are required for forming a corporation.

The main advantage of using an incorporation firm is that it is a great time saver.  Sure, you can do all the paperwork yourself, but if you are unfamiliar with the laws and requirements surrounding incorporation you are looking at many hours of research.

Incorporation firms can also act as registered agents.  Depending on the state that you incorporation in, you are required to have a registered agent that acts as a point of contact for government agencies.  The only exception to this rule is New York.

Another reason for choosing an incorporation firm is that they can often provide insight and guidance into the incorporation process.  Information on incorporation can be confusing at times, especially to someone who is handling many other difficulties of starting up a new business.

Even with the help of an incorporation firm, it may seem like incorporating your business is just too much trouble than it’s worth, consider the many advantages that you’ll have.  The incorporation firm will most likely go over many of these with you, but a small list of reasons why you should incorporation your business include keeping personal and business assets separate, having a more legitimate grounding for your business, and even stock options.

There is no set way to find the best incorporation firm to file with.  There are firms literally everywhere you turn on the Internet, and perhaps the best way is to take a look at some of their client lists.  Try to talk with other businesses that have incorporated with that firm’s help, and see what type of service they have received.  You’re using an incorporation firm to avoid headaches, not add something new to worry about!

Limited liability corporations in Nevada

inc corporation logoLimited liability corporations in Nevada have a unique setup as compared to many other states.  This way Nevada handles corporations can actually make it advantageous for a business in any state to consider Nevada based incorporation.

So what makes business corporations in Nevada so different from every other states?  There are quite a few areas in which Nevada has expanded and improved upon the typical statues that other states hold for incorporation.  The first is with privacy issues.  A few ways that Nevada allows LLCs to keep themselves private is by not showing public stock ownership, no requirements for meetings of stockholders, and anonymous or secretarial signings of certain documents.

Another area in which limited liability corporations in Nevada are unique is the way it handles taxes.  Corporations are already much lower taxed than individuals, and incorporating your LLC in Nevada can help you to avoid many surcharges that would add up on your taxes.  Add this to the fact that Nevada simply doesn’t have many taxes, such as sales tax, and you can be looking at a great deal of savings.

Corporate liabilities is one of the key factors in incorporating in Nevada.  Limited liability corporations in Nevada are under the privacy protection that the state gives, and as such gives an almost guaranteed assurance that your personal assets will remain separate from your business assets.  This is helped by the fact that no one but yourself knows how many people are actually in your LLC.

There are numerous other reasons that limited liability corporations in nevada are the way to go.  Other states and even offshore incorporation cannot hold a candle to the many advantages that Nevada offers your company, be it of one person or many.